Saturday is PhoBlog Day! Lots of Donkeys, a turtle with babies and a Bird.


Well… my day at the new house became two days… the fence guy was held up and couldn’t meet me today.  So, I have to stay overnight to meet him tomorrow.  Since we don’t have internet at the house yet (or a refrigerator), I’m at Starbucks trying to get this out to you all, eat dinner and get back before dark!  I’m not familiar with the roads yet so I want to be safe and sound before nightfall.

Anyway, since I didn’t prepare to write a phoblog today, I don’t have any photos. But, I do have access to ancient phoblogs.  This one is from 2011!

I hope you enjoy!


Great shot!


Handsome baby!


Hard to believe that these colors exist on a bird!




This is something my ponies would do…


I found this on the FB page of one of the stunt riders from the Pony Express documentary.




How do they crawl up there?



Totally relaxed donkey


Cat looks totally happy – dog, not so much.


Out for a walk…


What does he have in his hand??!!


A man and his donk. I love this one



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