SATURDAY IS PHOBLOG DAY! It is my birthday today… (tee hee – I’m gonna play hookie)

Saturday is PhoBlog Day!

But today (Friday, as I write this) is my birthday!  I’m going to try to play hookie and escape to the WESTERN STATES HORSE EXPO which is starting today.

I  love going there incognito and finding all the new stuff!  I ask questions and paw through everything!  I take tons of pics.  The booth people hate me…  ;)

I love it!!  Hopefully, there will be memorable items for me to chat about next week.


This was taken by a reader when she was in Kenya. "Profiles of elephants Taken when our guide stopped our vehicle - in order to watch the procession of about 50 elephants, led by the matriarch - cross the savannah, and the road. They stood in line patiently, waiting for the Matriarch to move." Wow.


My friends, May and Haley, sent this in of her baby horse!




I love this! This dog follows my donkey, Norma, on FB. I just loved this photo!







Of course!




This is so sad. Donkeys are incredibly sweet and wonderful watch animals... if you can save one, please do!


Sweet donk!




This is me.


I love this!


This is from the same reader who was lucky enough to shoot this photo: "The thoughtful lioness photo Also taken on the Serengeti Plain, not far from where final scenes from the movie Out of Africa were filmed. I think she'd made a kill and was resting after having eaten. Lions hunt about every 5 days, and due to their lack of stamina, 80% of their attempts at kills are unsuccessful. Try and try again."




HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!









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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Dana

    Happy Birthday Dawn! Would your friend be ok with me using her photo of the horse with the tongue sticking out as a reference photo for a painting? I love that one!

  2. Morgan Griffith

    Love the pics of Skeeter. Check him out on FB–Skeeter for President. Love the photos of the dogs running, or at least the hair was running. I’m not sure if there are really dogs in there. Enjoy your hooky-day.

  3. ~ cheryl mendenhall


    I so look forward to your posts and share many of them with the Hippology teams that I coach. Your writing style, topics, photos – all are awesome and very much appreciated.

    I’ve also been totally entranced with many of your causes and have had to explain to my husband why I “had to donate” to try to help some of these unfortunate animals who’ve been mistreated by their owners/caretakers.

    Best Wishes to you for a wonderful birthday surrounded by family and friends and doing the things you love most.

    Please keep doing what you’re doing with Horse and Man – I’m sure it requires lots of time and energy, but it is also much appreciated.

    Hugs to you,
    ~ cheryl

  4. Kathy

    Some friends of mine will also be at the Horse Expo — Black Forest Saddle. Hope you get a chance to chat with them!

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