Saturday is PhoBlog Day! Giraffes, Penguins and a silly Draft horse!

Saturday is PhoBlog Day!

1)  I have to start with this beautiful photo of a group of wild Mustangs shot by Tamara Gooch.

2)  I saw this image on MSNBC and thought it was striking and cute.

Click to enlarge

3)  And this one is also from MSNBC… kinda early but I liked it.

Click to enlarge

4)  I found this on FB.

5)  This one was on FB as well… I love the older horses looking  on in the background!

6)  Hubby loved this animal photobomb so here it is!

7)  This one cracked me up!

8)  I just love the giraffe on the right in this photobomb.

9)  Favorite PHOTOBOMB this week!  I looooove the lead Budweiser Draft horse’s photobomb!

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HELP WITH PAYBACK!!   Donation Gift Certificates are here!  Yup, if you donate to help Tullie (the burned horse), Gump (the ugly horse), Dixie (the starved and sick horse) or the Wild Mustangs/Burros (the gathered horses), you can now get  “A Donation has been made in Your Honor” certificates to give as gifts!  You can give them to coworkers, family, friends or even in lost pets’ names… for this Holiday Season. Yay!  INSTANT KARMA!

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The November Bucket Fund will benefit The Wild Horses and Burros, via DreamCatcher Sanctuary.  We are helping them acquire an additional 20,000 acres to release more captured Mustangs/Burros back into the wild.  To learn all about the Bucket Fund and to donate to this incredible opportunity for our Mustangs,  please click on the photo (photo credit, Trish Lowe)

November Drop in the Bucket Fund... click here!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. RT

    Ha ha on the draft horse in that photo.. I was laughing so hard as I took a small video once at State Fair where a team of Drafts like that were hitched and waiting. In the background there was a Native group drumming and one of the drafts started doing a powwow dance to the music and it was right on beat.. It cracked me up!.. Amazing what these horses can do isnt it?

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