Saturday is PhoBlog Day! Donkeys, Mastiffs and Minis!

Hubby is out of town this weekend so I am going to get totally horsed-out.  I will groom everyone, ride Finn and mess with Lil Red (Poco Rojo).  Yahoo!!


I thought this was very intriguing.


OMG. This cracks me up! It must be photoshopped but I like it!



This must have been staged… but still cute.




These are Blue Striped Grunts and 4-Eyed Butterfly fish. Pretty!


Donkeys are GREAT!




 It is a finishing picture at this year’s Tevis. Looking at the photo – to the right is Robert Ribley on Crow Pony, in the middle is Melissa Ribley on Sakajawea, and to the left is Julie White from Australia riding a Ribley horse, LD Monique.


Sand Lynx


HAHAAHa! This one needs a caption!


He looks so proud of his work…




What a great face!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Robynne Catheron

    This was great! I read somewhere a while back that the dog and the fish are best friends, and spend all their time together. Cute, huh?

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