Saturday is PhoBlog Day! Camel Race, Big Birds and DO YOU RECOGNIZE THESE HORSES?

BRRRRR.  Sheesh.  Who opened the freezer door in Mother Nature’s house?  It is COLD here!

I swear I was just in my flip flops.  What is going on?


Today is PhoBlog day!








This made me cry laughing... it is a girl and her camel - racing! Click image to watch the video!


BING has great daily photos!


DOES ANYONE RECOGNIZE THIS PHOTO OR THESE HORSES? A reader wants to use them in an Xmas card for his company and would like permission...




You cannot pick who you love... you just do.




I wish I knew the story here... I love twin stories!


Look closely... the dogs are bigger than the horse!


This is my friend's dog who loves to sheep on this particular bed with these particular stuffed animals.


Heh Heh.


What great markings, eh?!


My FAV this week!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

5 comments have been posted...

  1. Shawkins

    Get off that dog!!!!!!!
    He’s not made for that weight on his back and legs! Not funny

  2. Natalia

    I love all these animals me and my husband for our young kids so when they get there own animals in the future.

  3. RiderWriter

    That emu (I think) is a RIOT! Usually those birds are homely and mean-looking, but I, dare say it, think that one is cute! Hilarious!

  4. Dee

    for the photo someone wants to make into a card…..ask…. looks like one that belongs to one of their photographers.

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