Saturday is PhoBlog Day! Barn animals, horns, puppies and a wet kiss!

Saturday is PhoBlog Day!

1)  I was trolling around FaceBook and I found the site for THE GENTLE BARN Animal Rescue.  These were some of the shots on their wall.  I was really impressed with the peacock photo!  We have several around the ranch and they never, ever let us come out with a camera and catch anything like this!  As soon as we start futzing with the camera, I guess it breaks the mood for them or something.  Anyway, I thought all of these shots were very sweet.

Great Expression!

Such a great face!

I love to see fowl with personality!

Such a great shot!

2)  Wow.


3)  A girl and her first pony.  I just love to see them starting young!  (And, I love Shetlands… but I notice a chain on his nose.  Hmmmmm.  He must be a typical Shetland…  <smile>)


4)  Are pugs ever not cute?

Pug in the snow

5)  I love how this Momma Cat has her paw up like, “Hey, Heey, HEY!”

Love it!

6)  Did you hear about that Ridgeback that had 17 puppies in ONE litter – and they all survived?  Well, here are some of her darling pups.


7)  Finn licks me (not my skin – my clothes)  all the time.  I always wonder why…


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Mimi Foxmorton

    Oh my, but that cow is absolutely beautiful! I love to see healthy, groomed animals!
    I’m a fan of the shaggy! :)

    And aye, Shetlands have a bit of the devil in their eye, don’t they? ;)

    Hope your day is happy!

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