Saturday is PhoBlog Day! A scubadog, smiling camel, penguin in a wetsuit and a laughing seal!

Happy Saturday!

I am so glad the weekend is here, lemme tell you!  I’m sure you are, too.


I don't know how that contraption works, but it is fun to think about.


Another from the grooming contest

Too cute! I found this on FaceBook

Could this be any more cute? I'm guessing he needs to shed a pound or two...

These mares were rescued from the Warm Springs reservation by Equine Outreach Inc. They sure seem plump and happy!

I love that he is 'representin'' with his Nike logo...

An interesting story. click to enlarge

This is such an Iconic image that it struck me... Bats really do look like Batman..



I have no idea how camels are treated... but this camel sure seems happy.

Another interesting story. Click to enlarge

I thought this was fascinating to look at all the different stripe combinations


OMG. This is an ultrasound image of a walrus fetus. His eyes are OPEN. Click to enlarge


Have a great weekend!


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  1. Mari

    As I understand it (from my brother who spent three years in Saudi Arabia), Arabs and others whom own camels, treat them as we do our beloved horses. However, their camels rank first with their wives ranking second. This is the truth!

    LOVE the donkeys, Dawn….. :)

    Mari :)

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