SATURDAY IS PHOBLOG DAY! A Giraffeface, Pandamen and a hoofshake.

Saturday is Phoblog day!

Today I am going to play catchup with my studies and everything else I’ve let slide… Hopefully I’ll get some Horsietime in there…  ;)
























Hee! This must be photoshopped but I like it anyway!


Does he love her or is she a good pillow?


This cracked me up.


This seems to work for both of them...


Their eyes are so huge!


Imagine how surprising this would be for the guy who delivers the hay!


Love it!


This is bittersweet. Poor Gabe recently lost his best pony friend, Topper. 'Bye Topper... so sad but a lovely photo.


This looks very warm but also very dangerous. Hmmmm. I hope the horse doesn't get up really fast!


Such a beautiful bird!


We aren't having much of a winter here in CA so this looks refreshing.


Not something you see everyday...


Another photoshopped one but I like the meadow and I love the idea of the horses meeting hooves... in some diplomatic way.

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Arliss

    Especially love the guy with the cow, the giraffe, and the lovely photo of Gabe and Topper. I love how horses have friends. So sorry about Topper.

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