Saturday is PhoBlog Day! A Deaf Dog, Anteater Mamma, A Hidden Parrot and a Zonkey!

Saturday is PhoBlog Day!



This is a deaf dog whose name, I think, is Clovertone. I don't think he should be drinking a beer... but I understand he is quite the ambassador for deaf dogs.

Here he is again.

This is a baby on Mama's back.

I'm not really into apes but this reminded me of my grandfather.

My brain didn't see the parrot right away...


Another reason to have a goose. (They are also good guards...)

Cute as can be.

This is Elliott from Maryland who is sitting on the remnants of the cooler.

Lest we forget.

I thought this was cool.

Just like at my house...

This is a bad photo I grabbed from a video of a newborn zebra/donkey.

Two beautiful, wild horses. Let's keep them there.

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Please help rehab Itsuko, a great granddaughter of Native Dancer who had 99 starts, won 100K, had several foals and then was … forgotten and starved.  And, Admiralty who was winched to a trailer.  Click here to learn more.

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Linda Horn

    These pix are so much fun! The gorilla looks like my gandpa as well. Grumpy Ernie, with his ever-present stogie!

    On a more serious note, the Nevada “Triple B” roundup started last Tuesday, after a judge lifted the Temporary Restraining Order. They trapped 11 Mustangs the first day and 22 the second (including 2 heavily-pregnant mares, and 4 very young foals). Three of the foals were injured in the run, and we’re waiting for the BLM to decide their fate. 33 in two days? The horses have scattered (They’re not STUPID!), but there’s also the question of how many are REALLY out there.

  2. Anne Brookover

    As you used the photo of the ‘bird arriving back from migration’ again, I had to say something!
    The MALE bird on the left is attacking the other MALE bird who is trying to breed the third bird that I’m guessing is a female!
    Look closely.
    I love the colors of this pic though and saved it already.
    Love all the blogs….thank you!

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