Saturday is Phoblog Day!

Today I am working to catch up, as usual.  However, I will spend part of the day getting the barn ready for the feeder who will come next week to feed while we are shooting out of town.

I like to clean everything so the feeder thinks I’m like that all the time…

Thank gawd for jobs out of town and my ‘feeder shame’ or my barn might never be cleaned!!!


My friend had a guard goose at her ranch. Scared everyone!!!








This photographer has a book coming out now! I pre-ordered it for my brother for Xmas!


Go to Amazon: Dogs Underwater!


hee hee


This was from BING. I thought it was beautiful. It is the Alaska Terror Wilderness.

Been there!


I love the old dogs…

This came from a reader who was in Georgia the day after Sandy blew through. This is her dog on the beach… still windy. Great shot!


I love these.



Amanda Jones…


My fav of the week… This is that baby walrus that was saved and then shipped to NY where they are now without power because of Sandy. I sure hope he is OK.

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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