Today, I think I spend some time with Mo, Finn and Missy Miss.


Been there…

California Lilac.

Such imagination!

A good lesson


I love his boots, too!

Great shot by Kat Livengood.

The great debate.

I love this! Photo by Ali Huble.

Wow. I wish I would have seen this when I was there.

Gorgeous wild one

Good to know.

I like this tiny house!

Beautiful wild ones…. they look like aspen trees!

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  1. Bunny

    California lilac is actually Ceanothus, an evergreen (in most areas, it’s actually not choosy about soil or climate) shrub that is available with flowers varying from sky blue to very dark blue. Sturdy and hardy. You may have recognized it as being used in borders and for hedges all over the PNW though mostly west of the Cascades. Local nursery here uses it as road frontage fencing, very eye-catching in spring and early summer. Oddly enough, though – the nursery does not stock this blooming shrub for gardeners to purchase!

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