Today, we are traveling back from a short vacation.



I love this!

I have a bunch of these from my Mom’s recipe book!

Awwwww.  The apple is a nice touch.

Cracked me up, especially the hens on the ramp.

Cute patoot.

Yes, Please.

That halter is a bit big… but otherwise, very alert duo.




Wild. Dude.

It must be the angle…? Are horned owls that huge?

Gorgeous wild Mama and Baby.

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  1. Sarahkate

    Dawn, I don’t know if you’ll see this now that it’s January 2024. I have been reading a wonderful book (Christmas gift) about owls – owls being my second passion after horses. That owl photo in this posting may very well be of a “Eurasian Eagle Owl” as those owls stand 30+ inches in height with 6 ft wingspan and are reportedly able to take down prey as large as small deer. These owls are legendary predators from eastern Europe and the grasslands of Eurasia with many stories and myths surrounding the species.

  2. Sarahkate

    Dawn, in your former state there lives an absolutely enormous owl species affectionately known a s the “Forest Ghost” (aka Great Gray Owl). Likely not the same as in the possibly photoshopped photo, though. But very interesting nonetheless especially if you’re an “owl person.” These owls are known as the “Forest Ghost” because they are rare and incredibly difficult to sight. One photographer by dint of thousands of hours of hiking in undisclosed central Oregon areas has managed to photograph them but in all those years of seeking has been able to find and photograph just one nest. If you look through the old Oregon Field Guide shows now online – Oregon Public Broadcasting is on Youtube plus their own website, you can find the photographer’s story and what little information is actually available about this beautiful and very elusive owl.

  3. Calvin48

    I do believe Great Horned owls are this big. They are known for carrying off cats and small dogs.

  4. Calvin48

    Great selection this week! I love the blue-eyed foal, the liver chestnut Mustang, and the beautiful clear lake. But that spaceship chicken coop was hilarious.

  5. Bunny

    Oh my gosh that idea about squirrel savers really hit home and ws very timely — and I will be doing that today. I love my squirrel family (now maybe tenth generation) living in the two black walnut trees here, and as those trees are old with few nuts anymore I provide these squirrels with dried corn, sunflower seeds, peanuts, and walnuts. Though I do provide a shallow water bowl under each tree, last winter the mom squirrel of the last summer’s litter drowned in the far pasture horse trough. At least the young ones survived without mom as all five are still here. Last night there was ice on the troughs, so early too. I am putting these squirrel savers to work today!! Thank you for the wonderful idea!

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