Today, we celebrate daughter #1’s birthday!


I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these… I’d like to.

So simple…

Gorgeous wild one

I. could. never.

Ornate Hawk Eagle

What a great idea!

A friend once said that baby quail look like 2nd graders with new flat tops.

Beautiful wild baby.

What a great photograph!

It was said that this is a dust cloud… I don’t know how… maybe stop action photography? Whatever, a cool shot!

I laughed.

My fav. Morgan horses.

A very loved baby.

Gorgeous wild one.

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  1. Calvin48

    Whenever I see photos of Mustangs living the wild life on the range, they look borderline overweight and well-hydrated. So I don’t understand how the BLM can say that there’s not enough forage for them and that there is no water. Also, whenever Mustangs are removed from their territories, the BLM replaces them with sheep and cattle. I think this is more about priorities than resources, and welfare for ranchers.

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