Saturday is Phoblog Day!

Today, I am still recovering and need to take it easy.  I might watch a movie…


Double Trouble

Kitty kitty

I love these.

Ahhhh, Foal season.

So much in those expressions



This photographer has an amazing ability to capture gorgeousness

Yes, please.

Good words.

Wild ones.

Wow. Mine would not look that straight.

Seeeee… this photog is amazing.

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  1. Judith Vanderkay

    That picture looks a lot like Skagway, Alaska — a lovely little one-horse town. Yes, they literally had one horse when I was there — actually kind of pony-sized, a chestnut. Of course, that was in 1993, so they could have herds by now, or none.

    I don’t know what you are recovering from, but hope it goes well!

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