Today I prepare for the horses to move on Sunday and Monday.  I always obsess and worry when they travel.  I shouldn’t… I have a great hauler… but I always do.


Grateful parents.


That face!

In my case, a bay mare…

I just LOVE this idea.

Some people are so clever!

These skills amaze me. That photog is going to get blown over…


I know we’ve all seen this…



Wow! Beautiful. He looks like a Harry Potter character.

I love these guys.

This cracked me up.

Growing babies.

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  1. Bunny

    Dawn, hope your relocation is going forward with as few obstacles as possible!

    If you have a moment to read the linked story, it is about how wild horses are helping mitigate wildfire threats. I wish and hope that the increasing numbers of articles and media broadcasts about how wild horses and burros and – yes -even beavers! – play key roles in mitigating drought and catastrophic wildfires might mean a decrease in the oppresive BLM activities, which for decades have suppressed and sacrified wild horses to the profiteering cattle-ranching industry which wants all public lands (for basically free) for cattle grazing.

  2. Bunny

    I know what you mean about hauling. All the years I showed it was literally the only thing that scared me spitless every single mile. First the breed shows, west coast circuit, then hunter jumper, all interspersed with some local super fun all-breed/all discipline shows where I could actually ride to the show grounds and not hook up the trailer. For long distances I used a professional hauler with a spotless record and whose handlers were a deep bench of experienced horse handling. For closer, less than 1k miles, I had a seriously overbuilt (steel frame, aluminum overlay, every safety feature added, every tow vehicle safety feature added, but can’t say that ever reduced the paranoia. There are just too many crazies on the roads these days, and it’s gotten worse in the two decades since I last competed and it’s the main reason I stopped. I don’t even drive a small economy passenger car anymore. IMO except in open range country such as Wyoming or Montana the national speed limit should be reduced to 60 mph except interstates going through cities to 50 or even 45. And what’s up with no enforcement of the traffic laws EVER on commercial vehicles? Rhetorical question – the answer is it never happens!

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