Today I might read…  Imagine that.  I might just read a book.  After Hubby fixes his car, we will go wine tasting and eat at the country bar in Creston (great food at the Long Branch!).


GORGEOUS wild ones.

I love this.

Not the most attractive… but so wooly!

So sweet!

Awesome creatures.

This made me so sad… the good news is that he survived.


He has his ARM in her mouth….

Another beautiful wild one

I loved this shot.

Too cute

Wild ones.

Start them young!!

We are very close to our goal!  We only need $615 to meet our goal for “Donna’s 10”!  THANK YOU THANK YOU!

SEPTEMBER BUCKET FUND:   In honor of Donna (my mother), Let’s help 10 neglected and starved oldsters! September Bucket Fund: “Donna’s 10!”
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