Today, I have a mountain of paperwork to get through… maybe some wine tasting, too!


This was on Instagram… cracked me up. Love the grey crazy in the back


Such a cute boy in his ceremonial getup.

I laughed.

It is baby bison season in Wyoming!

Perfect timing.

Do you know about her? She is an educator/artist. I love learning this way…

Another Instagram odd couple.


These goat amaze me. I could NEVER.

All God’s creatures

Amazing shot… even if there is a camera in front of the lens… or a hat or whatever that is in there…



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  1. Bunny

    Added: Shetland Pony Lance Cpl. Cruachan IV is a gelding (according to his YouTube channel). AND has a Twitter account!

  2. Bunny

    That Shetland pony….”ponytude” appears remarkably missing in the presence of royalty with pony trying hard to either curtsy or fully bow (no idea of pony’s gender, actually). Love the raiment (on the pony, of course – but always love the raiment on Her Majesty!).

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