Today, I will rest.  Finally got my shot and it wiped me out.  Not sick, just very tired.


SUCH A beautiful bird.

Wait for it…



We had these… Also, it would be so flipping HOT in the summers. Burn your hand.

These little girls just kill me!

Adorable. If I wore that, I’d look ridiculous.

I want one.

OMG! So gorgeous. I’ve never been.

I thought this felt other worldly…

For sure…

I love seeing this…bees make everything hum.

Twin minis!

A beautiful wild family

I love this… the mare is annoyed and the baby is barely listening. Those boys!


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  1. dawndi Post author

    The website says it can fit into a Prius!! Tell me if you purchase one! I’d love a review

  2. Bunny

    That folding kayak, IMO that is the best emergency prep thing EVER if (a) one lives in earthquake territory and (b) if between where one works and where one lives (and with critters!) there are two rivers with aging bridges (I think I need full navigability from job to my farm). If this can fit in a passenger car trunk along with my go-bag, I am so there.

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