Today, I will work!  We are 25% open inside.



Beautiful wild baby

Patootey in Scoot Boots

I’ve. posted this previously. Gorgeous.

Gorgeous wild ones

What a beautiful duck

Always fun to look at these charts

Wild friends

Some people are so creative!


Sweet, young wild stallion

I love this.

The newly rescued donkeys that are now living where I work!

A gorgeous wild stallion.


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  1. Rox

    Thank you for the bee reminder! We live rural and are lucky enough to have a (professional) beekeeper for our neighbor, which means we can buy honey directly. His small beekeeping business involves more than just honey production, he rents out and caretakes bee boxes for local farms and is on call with our local small town for doing just what is described here – taking care swarm situations (and for some odd reason in this area, the bees actually prefer cars to swarm on rather than trees!). Unfortunately with so many city folk moving to the edge of rural farming communities, bee knowledge is of the spray/kill variety rather than the conservation variety. Which also means that our beekeeper neighbor also gives talks to K-12 science classes to spread the word about saving this very precious species – honeybees.

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