Today I work ‘outside only’ in very warm, California weather.  It feels oddly unfair to have warm weather when most of the country is cold and frozen – out of services.  So, today I feel grateful to be in lockdown California.


Not only is this a great photo… but someone stood out on a wet lawn – straining their eyes – to capture this

From Alice Spring Sanctuary in Australia.

Looking at the hay on a snowy day.

It looks like someone fell off the roof…

People are so creative!


LOOK at that view!!

God had fun painting these fish


…warms the heart

Baby joy

From Kat Livengood. So lovely.

A goose and his moose…



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  1. Shelley S

    Ah, you missed a great opportunity for the caption on the 2ns from bottom pic. To my eye, that’s not a duck but a Canada GOOSE, so it’s a “Moose and his Goose”


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