SATURDAY IS PHOBLOG DAY!  Today, I work, as usual… which is a good thing.   I had the last two days off because I had a sore throat (fatigue) and I needed to go get a Covid test in order to return to work.   But all of our Covid tests are 14-day results, so I had to drive 4 hours to a 15 minute results place… and then 4 hours back.  Negative.  Knew it.


I could never do this…

Or this…



Beautiful group.

Got me, too!



Gorgeous wild one.

Somewhere in Montana, the leaves are changing.


I hate hunting… this cracked me up.

From The Gentle Barn.

Sweet Mama and baby.

OCTOBER BUCKET FUND!!  Let’s help NUNU recover!  She is the horse who was ridden at a run for 7 miles on a Chicago freeway.  OMG.  I cannot tell you how I feel about the idiot who did this to this mare.  All donations are 100% tax deductible and will go to her recovery.  Yes, she is alive.

Click here to donate!  THANK YOU THANK YOU.


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