Today, i work.  It is supposed to be really, really hot here.


This was such a mind confusing shot…

I’ve posted something like this previously… such a good idea. I have so many useless hats and it looks much more comfortable than those cones!

I just love this shot. I love the suit and the boots. The first movie I ever remember seeing on TV was Cat Ballou. It is a really cute Western… with Lee Marvin. I think that first movie hooked me.

Lovely wild ones


Somewhere in Montana…

This needs a caption.

Sweet, wild baby friends.

This is me.

You’ve probably. heard that there is a huge fire in Big Sur, CA. A local fire department here had this photo on their FB page.

Gorgeous wild mama and baby.

I lost my coffee on this one. He is too cute and proud!

This is one of the wranglers from R Lazy S, with his dog, in Wyoming. We so missed going there this year.


Innocent and wild – for now, at least



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