Well… today I have off because work is closed due to the air quality across California.  So… I think I will go shopping and then take Hubby out to dinner!  Restaurants are still open if they have outdoor seating.  It should be interesting since the air quality is so bad – but Hubby and I are going crazy stuck inside… so we are going out to dinner!


A friend has this baby show up every day.


Look at that face.

From The Gentle Barn.

Esme, the baby rhino, from Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre. I didn’t know they fetched!

A beautiful wild one

A friend took this pic of a fire starting… Such a juxtaposition…

Total badass kid. Sitting on a bull, with a flag, bowing to the National Anthem. She had me at ‘bull’. (Is the bull real? Not sure.)

Gorgeous, young wild one by Richie Asencio

Baby shaking off flies.


This is beautiful (cold) Lake Tahoe – near the Grass Valley house.

Note how horses’ nostrils resemble their ears.

The story here is that this wild, older stallion and wild, older mule have been friends for a very long time… (A mule is a cross between a donkey and a horse.)

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  1. Mary Lu Kennedy

    It looks like when God made the horse the nostrils were carved first and the left overs were stuck on the horse’s head for ears. I remember as a young girl tracing with my finger around my horse’s nose and then his ears.
    Stay safe in the fires and heat. The heat here in Arizona has been extreme. Thanks for sharing. I always look for Horse and Man to see if it is on my computer in the morning.

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