(Thanks for hanging in there with me… I’ve been absorbed in my life and missed the Saturday PhoBlogs for the first time in 10 years!  But, we are BACK!)

Today, my work is closed down again due to Covid… so I am home today.  I think I will clean.


This was Misty of Chincoteague’s 74th birthday!

If you are a Warner Bros cartoon baby, this will be funny!

Gorgeous wild ones.

This cracked me up!

Needs a caption…

Such love…

Made me laugh.

Something you don’t see everyday…

I saw this on FB and thought it was pretty. I don’t know who took this photo.

Idaho Equine Hospital posted this pic of a neighbor bringing in a horse…

This photo grabbed me… I thought the colors were so fresh and pretty.

Look how the tree fills in the face of the 2nd deer!

More gorgeous, wild friends

So pretty.

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