Today, I clean up the Grass Valley house and show it to another potential renter.  Crossing fingers that they are the perfect tenants!


What a perfectly timed shot!

From Tiger Black White Jaguar Sanctuary

Another from Black Jaguar White Tiger Sanctuary

This amazes me. That must be so heavy!

Sweet Family

A white squirrel!!

Big Sister/Little sister? Mom and baby? Big brother/Little brother?

This is my Floppy Kitty. She is really very sweet. She was mewing for some love…trying to trip me while I was feeding.

From the So CA Mini Horse Sanctuary

So beautiful. Mother Nature is amazing.

This looks like it was shot through a window. I don’t know anything about this photo except that there is a rainbow and lightening at once. Perfect timing.

This was taken at a local college by a friend. Very brave squirrels.

Good to have this time of year.

Gorgeous shot. Such a sweet smile. From Kat Livengood.


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