Today, I will travel to pick up some groceries… otherwise, I think I will make jewelry to sell online for Sinclair (our April Bucket Fund filly).


I love wild horse foals! (I love all foals.)

Wild buddies.

From Elke Vogelsang.

From Kat Livengood. Wild donkeys

How about that stairway railing?!

Yes… fine with me… shelter in place here.

From American Prairie Reserve. Gorgeous.

From American Prairie Reserve. Gorgeous.

Spit my coffee on this one.

Camel love.

Wild mother love.

So handsome.

Shelter in place… sure!

Made Hubby laugh…


EMERGENCY APRIL BUCKET FUND FOR TINY, JUST BORN, WILD BABY: SINCLAIR. MAMA had no milk. Baby was discovered crumpled in a ball on the range – IN HONOR OF DODGER, please can we help save this newborn?! CLICK HERE:

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