Today… we in CA are still staying at home.  So, I think I will graze the horses and read some books.  Although I have no work and that creates issues, having an excuse to be still and read – is awesome!


Beautiful wild ones

Cracked me up… what people do when they have too much time

I have a friend I have known since our mothers were pregnant together. This reminded me of us. I feel very blessed that we are still best friends. And she’s blond – I’m not. I would wear the one piece, she would wear the two.

Kat Livengood shot this of a beautiful group of wild ones.

I couldn’t resist this one for you, too.

I love this… but it is kinda high up for me.

A great idea for an outside patio

Goofballs… wild ones.

I love this.  No virus here.

And this…. none here, either.

And especially this. I could live here. Horses in the back… kayak in the front.

These are real friends.  I think they have an instagram page but I couldn’t find it.

Wow. What an amazing nest! I couldn’t make that…

Gorgeous, beautiful, healthy wild ones.



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