TODAY, I will clean because we have AirBnB guests!



People are so clever.

Sweet. From Alice Springs Kangaroo Sanctuary

Makes total sense…

Our friend, Elke Vogelsang

Oh it would be so much fun to watch these guys run around the yard!!

Ive posted this previously, but I love it so here it is again. These are the Varian kids from V6 Ranch here in Parkfield. Kathryn, the one on the horse, is 20 now. Lauren, the one in the water, is a few years older and spends half of her time in Ireland promoting musical events. When you grow up around horses… well, nothing scares you.

I’m thinking this is in the UK, but I am not sure. Anyone know?

Pretty baby.

More of the Varian kids. When you grow up around horses…

Gorgeous wild babies.

It is foaling season for the wild ones…

One white, one black and one whitenblack. So Cal Mini Sanctuary.

These wild ones look like Thoroughbreds!


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    I think this is one of your best phoblogs ever! Thank you so much for all of them!

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