Today, I have a kid helper and we will go to the dump and do all kinds of stuff around the house!


Gorgeous. Thank you, Linda Hay.

This is my Dalton… but can anyone tell me what creates those green and blue orbs? They are all over my shots of him. We were looking at the sun at the time. I’m wondering if there is a hole in my camera lens.


Another hysterical moment for me. That is my foot with a new pedicure that was somehow on my camera roll. Go figure.

Cracked me up.

I loved this.

Gorgeous beings.

LOOK at that sweet face!

Boys doing the boy thing while the girls ignore them

This is our big tree that has those tree eyeballs on them. It has had them on it since we moved here. I’m pretty sure that Scoutypants and Virgil never even noticed. But today, one was GONE.

FOUND IT. I guess Violet didn’t like them. (She’s the only one that might be tall enough – if she jumped really far – to get the eye.)

Sweet pup


Great idea!

I DON’T KNOW WHO SHOT THIS… but it is awesome.



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