Today, I will be putting worm castings (and live worms) all around the trees and flowers.  I get mine from Black Diamond.  She’ll send to you, too – so go for it!  Go to the website and email her…  She runs it herself.  You would not believe my roses and the size of my new trees!  This stuff is GOLD.


Those ears!

Every ranch should have donkeys. Period.


Hubby says this should be an album cover!

Uhhhh, I think he gets dibs.

Interesting stripes on this baby.

I took this photo of a bunch of babies and mamas near my house.

Mother Nature is so clever.


I adore this pic!!!

Start ’em young!

The eyes on the horse crack me up! And how he is holding his tail!

Pretty mama and baby. I love this time of year.



A beautiful wild one.

EMERGENCY BUCKET FUND! 3 ORPHANED WILD FOALS (just found!), 1 attacked by a stallion band, 1 left alone in the hot sun with no mother and 1 left next to its deceased mother.  LET’S HELP THESE BABIES!  DONATE HERE!  Thank you!
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