Today, I make jewelry for a show at the Paso Robles Wine Fest coming next Sat!  If the show is slow, you can be sure I’ll post the best pieces here (at a deal) to benefit the Mustang 53!


Mother Nature…

Everyone likes having the sweet spot scratched!

Such an amazing design… all those feathers in just the right colors.

Seemed like a good spot…

Beautiful camel

That face!

Instead of the plastic Elizabethan collar if shame, use an old hat when you dog isn’t supposed to pull out stitches!

Something my Dad would say…

A beautiful bat.

A happy orphan.

More loved orphans.

This horse decided to be sneaky and pull the paint can away from Mom.


OK, I laughed outloud on this one.

MAY BUCKET FUND EMERGENCY SEIZURE! 53 HORSES!  STARVING, PREGNANT MARES, TINY WEANLINGS AND YEARLINGS… click here to read their story.  Click here to Donate!  Thank you!

All donations are 100% tax deductible!

–We are  OVER HALF WAY THERE to helping ALL of these horses have a better life!  (THIS MARE IN PARTICULAR  JUST BREAKS MY HEART!!   She is 22, starved and pregnant.)

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