Today, I will attend a function for ERC (Equine Rescue Center) who we helped in September of 2014 to save the Morgan Hill 50 (50 starved horses in a small field in Morgan Hill).

I hope to get an update and to learn more about ERC especially because they are moving to my area.

Afterwards, I think I’ll go to a wine function in Templeton.

Hubby is picking up his daughter’s car that broke down in Arizona on her trip across the country.  EJ rented a car and drove on.  Dad to the rescue!


I love this! Taken by The Wildflower Ranch lady who makes the Custom Mohair Cinches and silk cowboy wildrags!

My friend, Sue, took this last week and put an effect on it. These cows are from CA.


Salt River Wild ones…

BODHI!!!! and his girl, Monique.

A photo taken by a FB friend. This was in Hawaii last week!


I LOVE seeing this guy in Scoot Boots!

Too cute. I can barely stand it! Look at the confidence in both the horse and the little girl!

From the Gentle Barn!

I think I’ve used this before… but I love it. Nothing says Spring like babies!  I also think it is  interesting that the gate is latched at the bottom, too!  he must be an escape artist.

Remember how I said yesterday that the rain in the last 48 hours has been epic?! … This rescue was from my (little) town.

This rescue not far away…

I think this is the same pony. Amazing! I wish that was me when I was that tiny. I am just charmed by this!



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