Saturday is Pho-Blog Day! Aussie Flood, cute pups and a silly bullsnap.

Saturday is PhoBlog day! yay!

I know the Aussie floods have subsided, but I wanted to share some photos, in case any of you missed the devastation.

Picking up stranded 'Roos

Hard swimming...

High and Dry

I have no idea what this is... poor thing clinging to a fencepost

A frog catching a ride on the back of a snake... not something you see everyday!

Jen Lound has a kangaroo strapped to her kayak as she rescues it from flood waters

I cannot resist a cute puppy

Momma loves her baby - or needs a scratch...

Click to enlarge and read the story...

More puppies

Ha! I miss my pig, Fannie, she was great! This isn't her...

Another great prankster shot by Terry Fitch

Oh my!

This is the bullsnap that clocked me in the face. A reader made note of the "be safe" inscription which I had totally missed. So I blew it up for you today. How Ironic.

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February Drop in the Bucket Fund:  LEROY, THE WONDERPONY
He was found in a Home Depot parking lot with a huge leg wound. To learn all about the Bucket Fund and to donate towards the care of LeRoy, please click here.

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Pallergy

    Oh! Great photos of animals Dawn! They all look so adorable, especially the one with puppy! Horses’ shots are also superb. Looking forward for more like this.

  2. Marilyn Wilson

    Hi Dawn,
    enjoyed your story of the haunted horse ranch in GV, being from Reno I hadn’t heard of it :( or else I would have made an attempt at visiting it. I showed in Sac and made some friends in the area, it was a fun time. Had been to GG a few times in the good ol’ days, a beautiful track.
    I enjoyed your story on Noor, and your cute horsie pictures especially of Gwenn, how cute!
    Where in Wa are the mex rodeo’s? Probably the tri-cities or yakima area.

  3. collada

    Oh and the pic of the critter clinging to the fence post…a monitor lizard perhaps? Poor thing…:-(

  4. collada

    The first few pictures made me sad even though they got rescued. Then I got to the frog on the snake and starting laughing like crazy! Too funny!

    Great photos as always. Thanks for posting. I hope you’re feeling better. :-)

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