Mini baby born 2/10/10! Also, have you ordered your Predators?

Happy Saturday!

Saturdays are Phoblog days.  But, I kinda feel badly if I just post cute pictures.  So, I decided to add a little tidbit to each Saturday blog.  I don’t know what the tidbits will be in the future, but today’s is, “Did you order your Fly Predators yet?”  In my area, I should be ordering them now.

I have tried several brands of Predators but seem to have the best luck with Spalding With Spalding (I have no affiliation), they arrive on schedule, are viable and they work.  So, I use them. If you find another brand that you like, please let me know.

What is undeniable at this ranch is that fly predators WORK!  No question.  They don’t make all the flies go away, but they do knock down the onslaught. I tried going without one year and gave up after a few weeks.  It was awful without the predators!  I guess I had to not have them to realize what I was missing.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

OK, for the phoblog… here is the cutest little mini (Shetland?)  that was born recently.  You can visit their website for more info.  This is a filly with lots of cyber Aunties and Uncles, for sure!

Feel free to add your favorite caption in the Comments!  Here you go!

And finally, my personal favorite…

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