Just a few pretty things …

I’m home late from work tonight and have nothing prepared to write about (I was hoping for our October Bucket Fund story, but that didn’t materialize … ) so I decided to pick out a few photos that I’m holding for Phoblog, and show them today.

I was so taken by this photo! I just think this is amazing… to visualize this and then complete it. Wow!

I just loved this.

I want to meet the person who thought of this… so much fun!

For me, my most favorite view is a mountain, water, wild flowers and a rainbow.

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  1. dawndi Post author

    It is interesting you would offer this… I’ve posted several times about using wild horses for weed abatement and fire prevention. Unfortunately, I don’t think
    the BLM has any oversight to stop them, at this point. However, I will never stop trying so I will look into this as well. Thank you!

  2. Alexis

    If you would consider this idea for a post? Perhaps you have heard about this already, regarding help for wild horses. There is an organization called the Wild Horse Fire Brigade. The founder was interviewed on Jefferson Public Radio’s Jefferson Exchange recently. The founder has some incredibly amazing and SCIENCE BASED solutions to save wild horse herds from those who would round up with helicopters/sell to slaughter/replace completely and permanently with invasive species such as cattle and sheep. It is estimated that there are approx 100K wild horses and ten times that figure cattle and sheep on public lands yet the meat ranchers (welfare ranchers as their businesses are supported by taxpayer dollars) want the wild horses eradicated via any and every cruel, inhumane methods possible. Wild Horse Fire Brigade seems to have a solution that will not only satisfy welfare ranchers and the BLM but prevent catastrophic range fires which destroy so much every year. Please if you have a spare moment take a listen to the broadcast mentioned and for further information seek out the Wild Horse Fire Brigade’s website. I know I got goosebumps of excitement when I discovered this and hope you will too.

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