I’m baaack!! Hawaii Pics for you all… Not quite horsey but fun nonetheless!

Hello everyone and thanks for allowing me to have a vacation!  I thought I would post some of my Hawaii pics and the stories behind them.

1)  First, we have one of the hotel parrots that I especially liked.  I think he liked me, too.  Whenever he saw me, he did a little dance.  It was so cute, I just had to take a few photos while he was dancing!  Hubby called him BOYFRIEND.  He’d say, “Are you going to visit your birdy boyfriend today?”

It is hard to tell in these small phone photos, but he is doing his birdy dance for me… It was kindof a sway, fluff, head bob thing.  Very, very cute.

2)  This was a beautiful bird that was just walking around the hotel.  His Mama was sitting on a nest.  I saw her turn her eggs a few times.  Daddy was watching nearby.  So, this youngster was by himself, just walking around.  He was very pretty.  I had my camera right in his face and he didn’t care.

3)  Here is a pic of Hubby on the beach.  I also took this photo of people I didn’t know… but the background is nice.

4)  Here is a gawdawful picture of me during my first surfing lesson!  I got up and had a blast!

5)  Here are two girls that had come up from the beach.  A bird vendor guy had just put these four birds on them and the girls were scared and tittering.  I had to take a pic.

6)  Finally, the funniest thing of all!  I’m posting a video of me surfing.  It is so embarrassing and totally unflattering but Hubby and I laughed so hard while viewing it, I had to post it!   Just click on the red highlighted link.  Have a good laugh on me!

Thanks for letting me skate for a week!

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. michelle

    Very impressive surfing–you’re first lesson?

    I think that big white & black bird is some sort of Ibis, isn’t it? The blue and gold macaw that flirted with you is a cutie.

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