Remi is a Calendar Girl!

I received my 2019 Skydog calendar and … duhduhduh duhhhhh, Remi is featured on October!

Wohooo!  I wish the entire calendar was Remi, but that probably wouldn’t sell that well… so, OK… I’ll take just one month!

Here is a silly video I made after I had discovered Remi as October!

Click image to watch video

If you would like your own calendar of October REMI !!!!!!,  Click here!

October Bucket Fund:  SKINNY, 24 year-old mustang mare and her new baby, plus 4 orphaned mustang foals – all from last week’s roundups – rescued!  Click here to read their story.  Click here to donate!  THANK YOU.  All donations are $100% tax deductible.


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