Photos from the GREAT R LAZY S RANCH! Meet our new friends and finally a pic of Willow!

I’m grabbing the internet now (sorry that I missed yesterday…) because most of the people are on All-Day Rides… and those of us that didn’t go on the all day ride are having lunch (great lunch, by the way – fritters today!). ¬†Anyway, I’m writing and uploading pics while others are eating cookies (dessert) – and nobody is using the internet.

So… I will upload a bunch of photos and use captions to tell today’s stories.


Our good friend, Adam, with his best horse of 6 years – Joe.

Our new friends, Patsy and Dwight. It is easy to make new friends at the R Lazy S. It just happens.

Little Sir Earl Grey and his mother, Mint Tea

Mint Tea against the Tetons.

This is Marvin. I love him. He always wants to chat.

Our good friend, Tom, with his new horse this year, Sundance,

Hubby and his girl, Rose.

One of the all day rides, setting up!

I love the water… I always think it is so beautiful.

More of the water with Willow’s ear in the frame.

Adam, Tom and Fran, pointing to all the snow!

My ride yesterday afternoon. My blasted IT Band symptom injury was acting up so we only walked. However, it was gorgeous! Thank you, Nicki (wrangler)

You can ride and see for miles and miles.

This is me on Willow this morning. Neither of us were quite awake…

More of the water. There are many waterways and the Snake River here… but I always seem to take photos of this river. It is so gorgeous.

Here you can see that we are climbing.

This is Dru, taking my photo just before she accidentally thwacked me with a huge tree branch! I told her that she owes my ice cream.

Ahhh, and my favorite swing. I sit in this when I can. It looks right onto the Tetons. Gorgeous. Today, Hubby saw a bear, a moose swim the Snake River and we all have seen many elk!

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