Our first ride! I have a new horse: Willow!

Well, we are here in beautiful Jackson, Wyoming at the R Lazy S Ranch!

Hubby has his favorite horse, Rose.  I was not able to have Cash again because another woman had dibs.  You see, it is based upon seniority within the week you visit.  For us, this is the first time we have come on this particular week, so Cash was already spoken for.

However, I must say, Willow is wonderful so far!  I will get a better pic of her tomorrow.

It is much more cold here in early June than it has been in August.  I found myself running out at lunch to buy another coat!

As usual, the scenery is to die for… more green and lush this time of year.  We are hoping for more wild flowers as we venture into the forest this week.

(I struggle uploading pics here … internet is busy often… but I will upload the best.)


There was a surprise baby just a few weeks ago!  One of the new horses they had purchased, Mint Tea, was in foal!  The baby came and he is very, very cute!  Here they are in the front field together…  Mint Tea and the new Earl Grey.

Mint Tea is the name of Mama… so the baby is, Earl Grey.

Little baby Earl Grey

Hubby on Rose. Our friend, Eric, touching her nose. Wrangler’s horse in the front.

This was our morning ride. Crisp and lovely.

Hubby with his girl, Rose.

The view from lunch on the deck.

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  1. dawndi Post author

    I think that was mud and not boots. None of them had boots.
    Many of them are draft crosses with very big feet – and every night they are in grassy fields.
    It was mud or feathers… but not boots.

  2. Jane Augenstein

    I noticed that in one of the pictures the horses have boots on. Can you tell me what kind they are? Trying to find some boots for my boy, he’s hard to fit.
    What a beautiful place to ride, breathtaking! Love Earl Grey!

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