Our annual trip to Wyoming and the R Lazy S Ranch – has been cancelled. But I HAVE THESE FRESH PHOTOS!

It pains me to say… this week would have been our annual retreat to the R Lazy S Ranch.  Then, being ever hopeful, the Ranch moved us into the first week of September.

Well, now that has been cancelled, too.  Covid restrictions.

BUT… today I received these pics of a few of our beloved Wranglers at the Ranch (FB link here).  They are there to check over all of the horses, train up the newbies and take care of the yearling.  Some of the Wranglers live in Wyoming, a few traveled from the Eastern Coast to spend a week, just being.

I hope you enjoy these pics as much as I did.  I know it is different when you’ve never been to a place to feel the place within the pics.  Just know that it is very special.  The people are special.  The horses are even specialier.  (Big smile)


This is the R Lazy S Ranch. It is at the foothills of the Tetons.

Some of the Wranglers on their healthy, ready and fat horses! Truly, these horses have a GREAT life.

Sweet Paige taking the photo. She was on her way to the Ranch with fellow East Coaster, Nikki, when they got word that the Ranch would not be opening this year – at all. Since they were on their way, they visited anyway – to recharge.

Jackson is still fairly empty… no cars… just gorgeousness.  This field is right outside the gates of the Ranch.

Another day with a few different Wranglers and horses.  This is on the Ranch, in front of the stables.


Another Ranchie

A Ranchie with Banana Cream and Nikki

Such a tough life…


I’m pretty sure this is the yearling, Earl Grey.


OK, so it didn’t turn out very well… I tried to take a still from a video. Anyway, you can see the depth of the fields under the Tetons here.  (This is not a video, not clickable.)

This is me, on Cash, at the Ranch. My heart will truly miss the Ranch this year.

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