Day 5… Gorgeous woods and Team Penning!

I was so lucky to).et my own wrangler for today’s morning ride… we went over hill and dale to all of the special forested and shaded parts of the lower Teton Park.  Just lovely.

In the afternoon, we had Team Penning!  I was teamed with Hubby and our good friend Tom, from Alabama (who we met here at the RLazyS Ranch).

Alas, we lost our Team Penning title by 1 second this year…  You cannot win them all but it would have been fun because this year they gave away sweet hat pins!  Congrats Fradam, you deserved it!


Waking up to this was wonderful…

My morning ride was in the shaded forests of Teton National Park. So nice!

At lunchtime, I noticed these two horses licking the same salt lick. Friends forever.

My horse, Jazzy, found her friend at lunch as well…

They clearly loved each other.

So sweet.

I was sitting on a bench outside the kids’ area

Here we all are… listening to Team Penning instructions.

Listening to team penning instructions…

Hubby planning strategy

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