Day 4. Glorious. No smoke in the sky, perfect temperatures and an ALL DAY ride. Sigh.

Thursday at the R Lazy S Ranch.  Such a glorious ride hosted by our fabulous wrangler, Rob.  He sings, he wrangles and he takes us places that we have never ventured before.

Today we rode all day… had lunch at an old ranch called, Sky Ranch.  (The Park Service is redoing the entire ranch… the new decking and facing were beautiful.). Then we went back a totally new way, through forests and rivers… just glorious.  Every type of terrain.

I love my horse.  Cash is the very best.  Today he got apples and carrots at lunch.


This is me… I had so many layers with me (7 in total, including the yellow rain slicker on my saddle), that I never look the same in any shot. So, just look for the tallest (most handsome) horse and I’m the one on him.

This was our lunch spot at the Sky Ranch. You can barely see Rob in the distance.

Cash giving me ‘cookie face’ – begging for another carrot.


Isn’t this glorious?!!! Open fields forever in the Teton National park! I’m second from left in black.

Here we are at lunch on the deck of an old ranch house called, Sky Ranch. Fran our friend from Grass Valley, Sandy and Tom in front from Alabama, I’m in the way back with Rob the wrangler.

Here we are again, making our way through the tall grass.

Up on a ridge… overlooking the valley. In the front is Adam and then Fran (our friends from Grass Valley), then me in white – I’ve shed some layers – then Sandy and Tom, our friends from Alabama. (Hubby was on a different ride today.)

Another view from the ridge…

Cash, contemplating the best part of the river for his drink.

Happy, happy me and Cash at the end of the ride. We are on the dike near the R Lazy S Ranch (and the Snake River).

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  1. Rachel G.

    The picture taken on the porch at Sky Ranch looks like an album cover!

  2. Laurie Grann

    Love your posts. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ride ,and all your experiences! with us. Beautiful place. I am doing something similar in about a month. Wyoming. I am so excited.

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