Day 2 at the Ranch! Crossing lovely water!

Today, at the RLazyS Ranch in Jackson, Wyoming,  we went on an all-day ride up to an old homestead.  We’ve done this ride before and we were eager to traverse through the Aspens and ride the open fields to get there.

Over the 6 hours, we saw 2 different groups of elk!  We also met a coyote, a deer and someone saw a bear, luckily I didn’t…

A lovely time was had by all.  My new horse, Jazz, was a total delight!  She is calm but engaged, eager but not chargy, and she listens to me.  Jazz is a very good girl.

The photojournal.

(Thank you, Adam, for these photos!)

As you can see, the terrain is very different than yesterday, and vast. Here we are riding in a HUGE open field, in the middle of the Teton National Park where there had been a large ranch. I am on the dark horse.

We can ride at any speed, but it is much safer to ride gently because there are lots of ground squirrel holes out here. The weather was very warm, but there was a breeze.

Our wrangler took this shot. Hubby, Tom (0ur good friend from Alabama) Fran, me and Adam. Fran and Adam were our neighbors in Grass Valley. They have been coming to the Ranch with us since 2014.

A few of the elk we saw… they were very calm, thank goodness. No one spooked.

There are many, gorgeous bodies of water – which I love coming from water starved CA. Here we are walking along one of the reservoirs streams.

We crossed the Snake River many times… This time, my horse was drinking (on the right).

We arrived back to the cabin around 3:30, after lemonade on the Lodge porch. This was my view at our cabin.

If you zoom into the last photo, you can see riders coming back from their respective rides… We all get to choose where we go each day.

The is Adam with his lovely mount, Joe. They have been riding partners for years. They love each other.

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  1. Alexis

    Please tell me about the blaze-faced roan (looks like reddish roan/chestnut roan?) your husband is riding. My heart stopped when I saw that photo. That horse could pass for the ghost of my forever heart horse (youngish draft cross gelding) who was lost to cancer just three short years ago. They could have been identical twins.

    I hope your hip is cooperating nicely with the riding and I envy you the scenery – and grateful for the photos as unfortunately I’ll never be able to go to that area due to failing health. But I get to enjoy it vicariously via your lovely photos!

  2. Ramona McCoy

    Looks lovely but I have to ask – are there helmets under those hats? Cause hats aren’t going to help if someone’s horse does spook and their head hits the ground. I know from past posts that you understand the importance of a good helmet.

    That said I hope you enjoy your vacation!

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