TWO amazing books – for two totally different reasons! THE EQUINE LEGACY and LEAD WITH YOUR HEART: LESSONS FROM A LIFE WITH HORSES.

I was recently sent these two books and I totally enjoyed both.  But they couldn’t be more different!  Not different in their love and respect for the horse, but more that one seems so right brained and the other, so left brained.

Again, I enjoyed them both!



This book, The Equine Legacy by C.S.Purdy, is for all of you fact and historians buffs who want to understand – or have in one place – examples of the powerful and integral contribution of the equine throughout our history.

Here is the quote from the Introduction:

Look back at our struggle for freedom.  Trace our present day’s strength to its source and you’ll find that man’s pathway to glory is strewn with the bones of a horse.  ~Anonymous

From 8000 BC through 2011, there are factual accounts of the horse’s benefit to man.  I was amazed at the amount of research that went into this primer.  Not only are there wonderful, historical photos, but her bibliography is 15 pages plus a 14 page index.

However, don’t let the informational aspect deter you from this easy read – easy to comprehend and easy to ingest and retain.

If I was anyone who had to defend the value of the horse, I would have this book memorized.  For sure, you are left with the feeling that Purdy is a champion of this magnificent animal who helped build America.

Purdy includes her ‘wish list’ of what she would do for the horse if she could ‘wave her magic wand’, and it is what most of us also dream for the horse.

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LEAD WITH YOUR HEART: Lessons from a Life with Horses by Allan J. Hamilton, MD

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This book, LEAD WITH  YOUR HEART: Lessons from a Life with Horses by Allan J. Hamilton, MD is so beautiful to touch and read… the illustrations are thoughtful and emotion evoking… the actual layout of the book is an art piece, and the hard cover design itself, is artsy.  Even the prose is presented poetically.

But don’t be misled by the beauty – the information is rock solid.  After all, the author is a neurosurgeon who happens to have trained horses for years.

For me, I thought the book was BRILLIANT in that Hamilton utilized what he knew about the human brain in order to promote his message and benefit the horse.

I loved reading the book… which was the author’s plan, I am sure… because it is beautiful.  You aren’t really aware that you are learning.  It lulls you into a very pleasant mood, almost as if you were settled in a warm, scented bath.  Or maybe having a cold beverage on a beautiful deck… What I am saying is that he sets the mood for you to be receptive to his message.  And his message is one of respect and appreciation for the horse’s mind.  This neurosurgeon horseman is speaking to our brains in order to help us understand the horse’s brain.

Loved it.

I ended up reading a few pages every night just as I was going to bed.  I’m sure Hamilton’s missives and imagery crept into my dreams and subconscious.  And I think that is the intention.

Gorgeous, artful, powerful book.  I think all horse owners should have this one and read it once a year.

Allan J. Hamilton also wrote ‘Zen Mind, Zen Horse’.    I have not read the just mentioned book, but I plan to.

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Click to read their heartwrenching story!


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