OMGOSH, LOOK at this tree! If you are PLANTING ANYTHING, YOU NEED to get this ORCHARD BLEND GOLD (no affiliation)! CLICK HERE TO SEE PICS!

NO AFFILIATION other than I love this product, Orchard Blend Gold, which I found here locally from a lady who makes it herself (and sells it) at Black Diamond Vermicompost!

Look at this before and after shot of my tree (below)!  SO AMAZING!  The after shot was taken today, almost 4 months of being planted using Orchard Blend Gold.

Orchard Blend Gold is an all natural, alive plant and soil food!

Yes.  Alive.  It is worm castings, minerals, nutrients and EVERYTHING your plant needs, plus actual microscopic worms (that is why it is ‘alive’) and all it needs is to work is to remain moist.  DON’T feel grossed out by the microscopic worms… it is the same that you would find in any handful of healthy earth – the mulch looks just like regular planting mulch.  You’d never know it was ‘alive’ unless I told you.  The worms are very small and the nutrients are microscopic.

Most of what you get at stores is chemically enhanced (like Miracle Gro).  This product is all natural – for real.  It is like feeding your soil with mega-vitamins and the nutrients it needs to thrive.

I swear.  I did nothing but plant with Orchard Blend Gold and water.  That’s it.

(How I found her is a Horsegod send – because I had to make these trees grow FAST.)

This was the poorly tree I got for cheap at LOWES. On the left was when it was planted using Orchard Blend Gold. On the right is today, almost 4 months later.


CLICK IMAGE to go to the website

So when I first came to Paso Robles, as you know, we had no trees except for right around the house.

I was crazy trying to figure out how to create shade around here… and I started purchasing various trees to plant – but I was on a strict budget.

I mailed away for Pams Fast Growing Trees, I went to Lowes and I also found some at the local Tractor Supply.

Anyway, I knew I needed to help these little trees… and I also knew our soil needed help.  Lo and behold, I saw this ad in the local paper.

This little ad, that I just happened to see, changed my world! – and the world of my trees/plants!


So I called her.  I told her my predicament… and I told her that I was about to plant 27 more trees along the fenceline, and I needed help for my soil – desperately.

“Christy” was so warm and down to earth, I felt comfortable at once.  She told me – in layman’s language – what she produced and how she created her labor of love business.

She does it all herself, with her devoted husband.

“It is all about the soil”, she said – and I agreed.   Sealed the deal with those words!

Christy said she’d meet me in Paso.

When we met, we were both driving the exact same cars.  I thought that was funny…

Anyway…”This is what you need” she said confidently, as she hefted over a 50lb bag of ORCHARD BLEND GOLD.

It looks like a regular bag of mulch, but it is ALIVE. No weirdness or oogey stuff, just amazingly fortified food for your soil.


I’m telling you all this because she only harvests the Orchard Blend Gold a few times a year.  And, she has it now!

This is what I did to get these results.

FIRST… Orchard Blend Gold is alive (although you cannot see anything as it is all microscopic) so you MUST use it within a week.  Order it when you have time to use it!  I think it will keep longer if you keep the contents moist by adding water.

  1.  Contact Christy ( and ask for her to send you 3lbs.  ($28 includes shipping).  This should work for 3-4 growing trees and/or lots of plants/roses.  Or, you can go to her website and email her from there.  Ask her any questions.  Or call, 805-674-0194.
  2.  Make sure your tree or plant has a nice ‘well’ around the base to hold water.
  3.  If you are planting a tree/plant, put a half cup in the bottom of the hole, add water, add the tree and plant the tree/plant.
  4.  Once the tree is planted (or if the tree is already planted), scratch the surface of the well and add half a cup around the root base.
  5.  Water well – and then water regularly.
  6. Cover well, top roots and Orchard Blend Gold with mulch or hay or any kind of natural litter, to protect the worms from the sun.

If you miss out this time, just sign up for her email list and tell her you want to know when she has more of the ORCHARD BLEND GOLD.

This was the sickly little Sycamore that I received from Pam’s Fast Growing Trees. It was a very sorry little tree – about 8 leaves total – until I add the Vermicompost about 4 months ago! Look at it!

ALL OF THE LOCAL VINEYARDS LOVE HER… and a few more pics of my trees!

She also produces worm casting tea (a simple name for a ‘plant soup’ to inject into the soil) to penetrate deep – the local vineyards love this – And she produces all year round, regular, not alive, fortified healthy incredible, all natural plant food.  This is great, too.  Less expensive… and tons of people use it, but I haven’t.  I got these results using the Orchard Blend Gold.

I prefer the blend with the live ingredients because I’ve seen the results!

This is a Fruitless Pear Tree that I purchased from Lowes. It was tall but had only about 20 leaves and 3 branches. Amazing results. (You can see by the amount of greenery around the base, that the soil is able to handle life now.)

This Poplar I planted about 10 weeks ago and it is EXPLODING.  (Do you see the kitty?)


I’m going to try to bring these sorry little pomegranate plants back to life.  I ordered them online.  Sheesh.

I just purchased a new bad of Orchard Blend Gold to boost my roses and citrus trees.  I thought I would put some in these little guys and see what happens!

My next project. I ordered these pomegranate plants online. I’ll try to save them with Orchard Blend Gold.




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  1. dawndi Post author

    GOSH, I didn’t even think of that… I just want them both to live so I treated them yesterday.
    But, I will post an update. I also planted 3 new, sickly trees and took some ‘before’ pics.
    Tomorrow, I will go to the 27 trees I planted using this, and give them a booster since it has been a few months.

  2. MARY

    Would love to see you do a “trial” with the pomegranates……just to see the difference if you use or don’t use the Organic Gold. Dose on with it and leave the other alone…at least for a couple of weeks, take pictures then treat both.

    Just curious :-)

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