If you don’t want to read all about it below and how I met this 21 year-old entrepreneur … here’s the skinny:   Locally made RAW LIP BALM  (HUBBY LOVES THIS STUFF) is offering H&M readers free shipping on any size order, 20% of every H&M sale goes toward the Bucket Fund AND a special offer of 6 tubes for only $20!  Buy 1 or 100!  Perfect for everyone this holiday season!  The Bucket Fund thanks you!

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As you all know, we were at the Paso Robles Event Center last weekend, selling Horse and Man Jewelry… well… while there, I felt and heard this tremendous buzz about a 21 year-old local kid who had created the absolute BEST lip balm EVER – and his business was exploding!

Huh?!  A guy?  Lip Balm?

I had to go over…

So I ventured to his booth during a lull time.  I wanted to hear the story of this kid who invented the best balm ever during a high school engineering class!  Again, I didn’t really believe the story …  and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.   I was asking myself, “How could one product sustain a booth at a show? ” One product.  One.  Lip Balm.

OK, so, I found his booth.  And indeed, it only had one product.  Raw Lip Balm.

First impression:  Good. The booth was neat and clean.  The product looked very inviting and the testing method was very hygienic.

I tried the balm… smooth, creamy, not greasy, not over flavored, not waxy… stayed on… my lips felt soft and buttery, not wet and slippery.

A good start.

Next, I met The Maker, Avery Shannon.  He was a very engaging and enthusiastic KID.  I mean, he is 21 so he is an adult, but to my eyes, he looked like a kid.  I was impressed with his demeanor, enthusiasm, brightness (there was a halo or something glowing around him) and determination.

Standing behind Avery was a very proud parent or mentor; he was absolutely beaming.

Anyway, I asked if I could purchase 6 tubes (Yes!) and I picked out 6 different flavors.

Fast forward 2 days…

At this moment, I have none left.  My Hubby and friends have all swarmed and removed them from my stockpile.

It is really good stuff!  (I’m smearing it all over my dry and chapped skin areas.)  Made right here locally… The business isn’t huge yet, but it will be.  Now is the time to stock up on this screaming deal from a brand new, baby of a terrific company!

A special deal for all H&M readers! Free shipping, 20% goes to the Bucket Fund AND we have a special offer of 6 tubes for $20! Click here. Use code: H&M

TESTIMONIAL from ME AND HUBBY and my neighbor and a friend…

I went back to my booth and dispensed a tube to my helper.  She already knew about the product because Avery and his lip balm are well known in these parts.

Hubby came to help take down the booth and his lips were dry so I gave him my tube to use.  He kept it… And immediately lost it while loading the car at night, and he asked for another.

My neighbor came over for coffee the next morning, and she saw the tubes and asked to try.  I gave her one.  And my friend saw this and asked for one, too.

I still have one, last tube – mine – and I keep using it, so soon it will be gone.  My lips look/feel great!

I don’t know about you… but I have all different kinds of lip moisturizers in my purse.  It is very windy where I live, and I lick my lips a lot… So, I use lip balm all the time.  I don’t like waxy and I don’t like chemicals and I don’t like fake flavors.

I love this.  *If I had a store, Raw Lip Balm would be at the front counter!


I’m always looking for a way to help the Bucket Fund.  Since I love this balm and it would make a great stocking stuffer, I asked Avery if he would be interesting in teaming with me to help the Bucket Fund.

He didn’t hesitate.


Go to the Raw Lip Balm website.

Free shipping on all H&M orders, 20% of H&M sales go to the Bucket Fund, and our readers get  special offer of 6 tubes for $20!!! 

Use checkout code:  H&M (all caps)

20% goes to the Bucket Fund!

Cuesta student and entrepreneur has dreams of a lip balm empire

Click link to read news story

January 04, 2017 12:16 PM

UPDATED January 05, 2017 08:34 PM


RAW Lip Balm was born purely out of intent to create the perfect lip balm. A lip balm that was completely different…

It all began in a High School engineering classroom. Avery Shannon was 18 at the time (now 21), when he set out on the journey to craft a lip balm that was unlike the rest. During the course of his last year at High School, Shannon spent over 8 months trying to formulate the ideal balm. Not too draggy, not too soft, but just right. The balm had to meet some strict criteria, while also using 100% organic, fair trade ingredients.

Through continuous trial and error he truly believes that his formula is one of a kind. During his formulation process, he had to scrap over 3,000 lip balm tubes to achieve the formula he has today. His commitment and love for organic skincare radiates through each individual tube of lip balm.

?Making the perfect lip balm for Shannon isn’t simply a business… It’s a passion and a lifestyle he will cherish forever.

Click the link for more info!

“Thank you to everyone for the unconditional love and support throughout my journey! You are turning my dreams into reality.”

~ Avery Shannon, Founder

Avery is 21 and totally on top of his game – in his commercial kitchen, cooking up this awesome balm!

NOVEMBER BUCKET FUND HORSES:  BONNIE AND CLYDE – Perfectly trained, sweet, polite – AND STARVED.  Click  here to read their story!

All Donations are 100% tax deductible!  We are 1/4 of the way there!  Please donate your Starbucks money, car seat change or any amount!  It all adds up!  Thank you!!!!

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  1. Ally Loneagle

    Thank you so much for the heads up on this product! I grabbed a set to add to prezzys.

  2. dawndi Post author

    I did see the ingredients listed on the website but I cannot find it!
    So, I’m reading off of my balm: beeswax, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil,
    shea butter, mango butter, olive oil, organic flavor, lemongrass leaf oil, natural vitamin e oil

  3. Casey O'Connor

    Other than a warning that there are nut and seed oils in it, they don’t tell you about ingredients in the website. More info about the product would be helpful

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