FurReal Friends – Butterscotch Pony: Have you seen these?!

Yes, I know… this is the 2nd stuffed animal toy horse I’ve spoken about this week…  I guess i’m still that little girl who always wanted a life-sized pony.  When I was a kid, I would be mesmerized by large stuffed animals.  I would beg my Father to try to win them at Arcades.


OK, I don’t have kids so maybe this is why I had no idea that FurReal Friends existed when I saw them at the Expo…

Imagine my surprise when I noticed these big stuffed horses – turned away – and when I turned back around, THEY HAD MOVED!

When I first noticed them, they were standing like this...

When I first noticed them, they were standing like this…

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 8.04.58 PM

And when I turned back, they were like this!


So I watched and saw that they do move.  That’s what they do!  What a cool toy!

However, the booth they were in, wasn’t a booth selling these toys.  The vendor was merely using them as props.  Clearly they worked because they stopped me…

I decided to take a movie of them to remember to research them later.  Click here to watch my little movie.

Click image to watch my video of these guys in action!
Click image to watch my video of these guys in action!


So I went online an discovered their name:  FurReal Friends – Butterscotch Pony made by ElectronicPets.org and sold through Hasbro… or at least they used to be sold by Hasbro.

Now there are no new Butterscotch Ponies for sale.  Only used… I wonder why?

You can get them on Amazon but the prices range from $300 to over $1000!  Wha?  I think there is some definite gouging going on here.

I have to admit, these were very cool and engaging little toys.  I would have begged my Father endlessly to have one.  I’m guessing parents have been paying kings’ ransoms for these.

But, what happened?  Why can’t you get them in stores anymore?  Does anyone know?


I found the original commercial for Butterscotch.   The tag line was surprising…  Pets without the poop.

Interesting… The plot thickens.  Does anyone know what happened and why Butterscotch was sent out to pasture for good?

Here is the Original Butterscotch commercial.

Click image to see the original Butterscotch commercial from

Click image to see the original Butterscotch commercial from

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13 comments have been posted...

  1. Darlene Hunter

    Any one know how to repair the circuit connections
    In these robotic ponies.
    I have a used one
    And I am trying to fix it up to its original standard.

    For the head to move up , and head to turn Side to side.
    And for the tail to swish .

  2. Darlene Hunter

    Where can I purchase one for Christmas 2023
    My granddaughter only wants the Animetronic pony Butterscotch.
    I live in Ontario Canada


  3. Emily

    Hello, I have a butterscotch with carrot and brush. Not in 100% condition but still I’m working order. Sometimes it glitches slightly.

    If anyone is interested in purchasing happy to look at offers.

    Located in Adelaide, South Australia

  4. Jade

    I have one, new in open original box!!!
    $5000 ono in Vic , Australia

  5. stephanie okeson

    I am searching for the furreal friends Smores pony for my daughter for Christmas. She claims its the only thing she wants.. I live in Lexington kentucky. Willing to drive a little but not real far. If you have one and willing to sell please contact me at 859-693-1203. My name is Stephanie. Thanks!!!

  6. Samantha

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement battery housing for my daughter butterscotch pony some how it’s been lost and she is very upset, It would be great if someone had one that was no longer working that would sell me the battery housing

  7. Tracy L Beene

    I have one in pretty good working condition… Make me an offer…missing an ear but I just put a pretty bow on her

  8. RiderWriter

    I played with one at Walmart about a year and a half ago, I think? Thought it was super-cool but couldn’t justify spending the $$ on something I would have killed for when I was little. If you say they’re selling for tons o’ bucks now I guess I should have gotten one! :-)

  9. Carol

    Tractor Supply had them this past Christmas. They are too cute! I had my Mastiff with me one day and he thought they were real, even after a good sniff (the dufus) He was sooooo happy to find something his size to play with.

  10. Helen J

    Try Toys R Us. We have Butterscotch at the store I work in in Alberta Canada. She usually appears around Xmas time.

  11. Ponygal

    We have one of these sitting in the guest room.
    We found it, very reasonably, at a garage sale.
    My pony loving grandson really loves it.
    Our mini ponies think it is competition for their carrots.

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