I don’t usually wear Western attire.  I feel like a fake when I do… like I don’t have the natural ‘look’ so it kinda doesn’t work for me.   You know… I don’t have that great hat hair or long legs – all those photos in catalogs and ‘Cowboys & Indians’ Magazine… To me, I look more, well…, not like that!

But… Noble Outfitters sent a pair of Women’s All Around Square Toe Vintage Western Boots to me.

“Just try them…”, the nice lady (Nina) at Noble Outfitters said to me.

OK…  So, I put them on.

This is me, wearing them out shopping for the first time. I could not believe how comfortable they were right out of the box!  And not just for cowboy boots – for any kind of shoe!   I’ve continued to grab them every day – even when running errands! (I should have picked a prettier floor to take this photo… and less baggy pants!)

OMGosh, the cush!  It was like “ahhhh” as soon as I stepped into them.   Noble Outfitters put in some kind of soft insole.  Immediately, I was comfortable.  No break-in necessary.  I could not believe it.  Nina from Noble Outfitters told me that they made improvements to the insole and arch support.  Wow!

And, the best news, my new friends thought they were very cool.  Ha!  I loved that.  I’ve received so many compliments – even from strangers.   Right now, since it is still cooler weather in Paso Robles, I’m wearing closed-toed shoes… and I keep grabbing these boots to wear out!  I’m amazed at myself.  I would never have thought of me as a cowboy boot girl – but these are to die for.

If you need a pair of boots, buy these.  You won’t be sorry.

This is my pair after a month of wear. I love them! So comfy, so easy…


So pretty! So comfy! I cannot believe that I’m actually choosing to wear cowboy boots to go run errands!!

Cushy sole!

You can go to Noble Outfitters Website here.

The Noble Outfitters™ All-Around Boots offer extreme comfort without sacrificing performance. With a new, extraordinary lightweight Physio Outsole™ that provides superior cushioning, this boot will keep you steady on your feet right out of the box – no break-in time required. Boots feature hazy finished leather with burnished detailing at the toe, heel, and collar that reveals a rich two-toned tan color. Get a free pair of socks from Noble Outfitters with your purchase via mail-in rebate.

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