ANYBODY WHO RIDES AT NIGHT or does chores at night or whose dog needs to be seen at night… CHECK THIS OUT! NOXGEAR VISIBILITY GEAR!

I saw these two products – a lighted vest for humans and a lighted dog harness – from NoxGear (no affiliation) and thought it was perfect for a rider at night… or a rider in the woods… or your dog running around with you doing chores at night… or any reason you or your dog might be on a road at night.  Or your kids doing anything early in the morning… or walking home on a country road.   To me, this is the most lightweight and brightest product I’ve seen of this kind.

OK, so HERE IS THE GREAT NEWS!  I emailed them today and asked if they had an equestrian product… or if they were thinking of making one in the future.  They responded (immediately) by saying that equestrian wasn’t on their radar but offered Horse and Man readers a 35% discount on either product – as many as you’d like!!!  Here is the website and here is the coupon code:  HORSEMAN

WOW!!!   What a great Xmas idea at a huge discount!  Tell all of your joggers, bikers, hikers… anyone who walks at night or early in the morning.  And tell all your dog walking/hiking friends… spread the news about the 35% discount!!!!  ( I haven’t tried the product but it looks very workable and exactly what is needed for nighttime visibility.)  I should have asked for a donation to the Bucket Fund, but I didn’t think of it at the time.  If we sell enough, maybe they will donate!

Tracer360 Visibility Vest – for humans
LightHound Illuminated Harness – for dogs

Very cool, right?  Here is the website and here is the FB page! Go for it and let me know what you think!)


I will let you know if they get back to me regarding an equestrian version.

Also, let me know if you get one and how you rig it to your horse/saddle/gear!


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  1. Tacey

    Hey Dawn, I have been out of town in North Carolina stuck in snow and hadn’t read anything about last Wednesday. Than saw something about losing your dogs, not sure if it meant your dogs or? Anyway, sending heartfelt prayers for loss of the dogs. So sorry…Tacey

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