YES! YES! YES! THIS is what I want to do with my horse! I’m sending Dalton to this Thru Rider for training! Awesome video!

A while back, I told you about my interview with thru rider Gillian Larson.  You can read our original article about Gillian here.

A thru rider is not the same as an endurance rider, however, it sure takes endurance to do these rides… A thru rider does the long trails, like the Pacific Crest Trail – with their partner horses.

A very popular Central California business, Firestone Brewery, created this beautiful video of Gillian and her horses.

Yes, yes YES, this is exactly what I’d love to do with Dalton (except the heights part)s.  For this reason, and because I greatly admire Gillian, Dalton is scheduled to go into training with Gillian soon.

So exciting!

Watch the video here.

Click here to watch the video!


I WANT TO DO THIS!  (except for the heights parts…)

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